Two Continents Before Lunch

Istanbul, Turkey is a cultural capital rich in history and gastronomy. Separated by the Bosphorus Strait, to the west is Europe and to the East is Asia. This bustling waterway is beautiful, both from near and from afar.

Ambling along the coast is charming, looking over to another continent and observing the heavy traffic on the water: yachts, ferries, oil rigs, and water taxis. From the opposite vantage point, it is inspiring to take in the 365 degree view from a boat, marveling in the diversity of architecture and rolling hills of the landscape.

Exclusive properties and guest houses on the Asian side offer a relaxed escape from the busy streets and endless opportunities for sight seeing across the Bosphorus in Europe. Following breakfast enjoy a relaxing boat ride over to Europe.

Turkish cuisine is a feast for the senses and interesting, flavorful restaurants abound. The tastes of the traditional Ottoman cuisine should definitely be experienced; contemporary restaurants offer a progressive and very creative approach.