Wine Tasting and Cheetah Petting

There are few places in the world where this may be experienced within the same afternoon. Cape Town, South Africa, and the surrounding areas showcase outstanding natural beauty, a host of diverse wildlife and a lovely collection of high quality vineyards. November is a wonderful time to visit as the weather is mild and the high, crowded tourist season has yet to officially begin. 

The wine lands are expansive and offer a variety of vineyards and charming accommodation. The Stellenbosch region is only a 45 minute scenic drive from Cape Town; a lovely way to start the morning and then a tasting around 10:00 ... A driver for the day is recommended! A pair of morning tastings may be followed by a flavorful lunch, and then, more wine. Two varietals not to be missed are Pinotage and Rousanne.

A visit with the Cheetahs fits well in the late afternoon. These beautiful animals are quite misunderstood and highly endangered. Cheetah missions are playing an active role in building awareness about these animals and combatting their rapid decline. Meeting with these animals, both the adults and cubs, is a very special experience.