5 Reasons to Visit Buenos Aires for the December Holidays

Argentina and its dynamic capital city of Buenos Aires are on many people’s “bucket list.” There is much to fall in love with in this diverse sprawling metropolis. Here are our top five reasons to visit Buenos Aires for the December holidays:


December in Argentina means sunshine, warmth and exhilarating outdoor activities. Stroll the colorful neighborhoods in your casual summer attire. The stylish new Puerto Madero district is  perfect for an afternoon walk. A centerpiece of the neighborhood is Puente de la Mujer, a cantilever pedestrian bridge designed by celebrated Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Should you have time to venture to another region of Argentina, the Jurassic landscapes of Patagonia are incredibly beautiful and offer a plethora of activities such as hiking, kyaking, climbing and paddleboarding. Or enjoy an easy day trip or weekend getaway to the beautiful Tigre River Delta in the greater Buenos Aires area.

Food & Wine

The cuisine is a delicious fusion of european and latin american influences. Argentine beef is legendary and you will be hard pressed to enjoy better Malbec anywhere else in the world. Restaurants are plentiful and there are several exceptional establishments you may wish to enjoy on multiple evenings. Two of our favorites are the sophisticated bistro, Fervor, and the upscale fine dining of Elena (located in the Four Seasons Hotel). Moreover, with Buenos Aires as your base, escape for several days to the verdant winelands of Mendoza for a full sensory gastronomic experience at one of the many alluring estancias.


Buenos Aires is frequently referred to as the Paris of South America, which is not an exaggeration -- it is truly one of the most sophisticated and glamorous cities on the globe. Buenos Aires possesses a fascinating history, boasting stunning architecture and the origins of iconic figures such as Eva Peron and Julio Cortazar. Highlights of the historic district include La Casa Rosada (the Pink House - executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina), Catedral Metropolitan (former church of Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis) and Gran Cafe Tortoni. Visit the Teatro Colon, one of the most renowned Opera Houses in the world, for an afternoon private tour -- you will long to return for a performance. Or catch a show in the buzzing theater district, which is reminiscent of Times Square. And, of course, Argentina is synonymous with Tango, which is omnipresent. In fact, Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango; once reserved for gangsters, brothels and other parts of the city’s underworld, this elegant artform is now celebrated around the world. Choose from numerous evening performances or watch the dancing on the streets of the La Boca neighborhood.


Leather goods will top most lists for discerning travelers shopping in the Argentine capital. Two of our favorite stores are Casa Lopez and Uru Recoleta - choose the type of leather, color, style and have your new custom-tailored garment delivered to your hotel the same day! The experience of antique shopping at the famed San Telmo market offers everything from traditional silver service to marble art deco bookmarks; live tango musicians and dancers provide an inspired soundtrack.


The revaluation of the Argentine Peso at the end of 2015 has stabilized the economy and solidified this destination as an exceptional travel value. Moreover, following President Obama's visit in March, the new government has suspended the $160 reciprocity fee for  United States citizens. Luxury experiences, and accommodation, remain at a premium, however the US dollar goes quite far. One may revel in French architecture, a cultural scene as rich as New York and London, but without the same impact on the wallet.

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