If a traditional Christmas holiday entices you, let Culture Traveler plan your getaway to Europe’s best Christmas Markets. A sea of homemade crafts, delicious food and sparkling lights, it cant help but put you in a holiday spirit.

Visit the German city of Nuremberg for its spectacular vistas, but more importantly their world famous Christkindlemarkt. This ancient city has played host to the largest Christmas market in Germany since the seventeenth century. Every year, hundreds of vendors take over the town center beginning the Friday before Advent until Christmas Eve. Enjoy a piece of Nuremberg gingerbread, Lebkuchen, and a glass of Glug under the golden Christmas Angel. Go on a stagecoach tour through Nuremberg while the coachman plays Christmas songs on the trumpet, and collect unique gifts from the Market of the Sister Cities selling items from all across the world.

Nearby Würzburg also hosts a Christmas Market from late November until December 23. This atmospheric Christmas fair takes over the center of the city and sells handmade crafts in the town hall courtyard. On weekends, you can board the Christmas Express. Traveling between the main train station through the city and market, it provides access to the city’s shopping districts. If the fairy lights, wooden stalls and arts and crafts aren’t appealing, then visit for the wine; Würzburg is famous for it. Stop in at a wine tavern after browsing the Christmas stalls and have a glass of Franconian wine while feasting on baked carp or rostbratwurste and visit the Würzburg Residenz, a spectacular baroque palace at the center of town and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Come with Culture Traveler and let us help you explore these spectacular destinations.

Destination INSIGHTS

  • Morocco was the first nation in the world to recognize the newly independent United States of America in 1776 and is a major non-NATO ally of the USA
  • The Sahara desert is over 3.6 million square miles, comprising 8% of the world's land area -- the entire continental USA could fit in the Sahara with room to spare!
  • Winston Churchill was enamoured with Morocco and enjoyed painting on property at La Mamounia. Today, one may stay in the Churchill suite at the iconic hotel
  • Geographically, Morocco is a land of contrasts, showcasing the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, rolling waves on the Atlantic coast, wide sandy Mediterranean bays, towering sand dunes and green oases
  • Morocco has long been a diverse and tolerant society with the three major world religions co-existing in peace. Jewish heritage and history in Morocco is particulary prominent
  • The cuisine of Morocco is a melting pot of the indigenous, rural Berber people and diverse influences from neighboring lands. Tajine is often a main dish; it is a stew made with fish, chicken beef or lamb, and often includes prunes or almonds

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