Our Relationship

Culture Traveler strives to create incredible travel experiences. Obviously, the more we know about our clients, the better we can customize and improve their experience. As we plan your trip, we will ask you for personal information (some mandatory, some optional); in turn, we promise to protect this information and ensure that it remains confidential. We also promise never to sell your information to anyone.

What We Ask For & Why

You can purchase a trip or make a reservation by contacting us via email or phone. At that time, we will ask you to provide some basic information (such as your name, phone number and credit card number and expiration date) so that we can identify you, follow up with you and process your purchase. We may also require your gender and age for identification purposes. However, we may need more information than is required for a standard travel booking, as we strive to offer an unparalleled level of customized service.

Below is a description of some of the extra information we may require:

Dietary Requirements

We understand that many people prefer or are required to follow certain diets. We try to accommodate these choices and needs whenever possible. To accomplish this, your dietary preferences must be recorded in your booking. We, in turn, contact the various restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, and hotels to ensure that your requirements can be met.

Physical and Health Details

We need to obtain information about your age, gender, height and general health so that we can provide you with the appropriate equipment and ensure your personal health and safety.

Flight and Passport Information

We request your flight information in order to provide you with any necessary airport pick-up or drop-off services and/or to ensure that you will have adequate time to get to the airport for your flights home. For some trips, we request passport information because it is required by our local service providers (e.g. a hotel or a ship) or to facilitate your further transportation while on a trip.

Personal Preferences

We strive to provide you with the highest level of personal service. Our team records any special requests or preferences that are specified at the time of your booking. This information is passed on to your local service providers and enables them to meet and exceed all of your expectations. We maintain a record of this information to ensure that on subsequent trips these personal preferences continue to be accommodated. We also keep a record of past trips you have taken through us, which allows us to understand the type of activities or trips you prefer and to determine what information (i.e. about new or revised trips) you might find interesting.

Email Newsletter and Blog

Culture Traveler’s email newsletter and blog provides regular updates and articles about our trips. To sign up for this service, we ask that you provide us with your email address and zip code. You may unsubscribe at any time by using the link provided on every newsletter.

Information Use

Research: From time to time, Culture Traveler will retain the assistance of external service organizations to help us understand our travellers and any trends in our industry. We may disclose some of your personal information to those companies solely for the purpose of conducting research and analysis on behalf of Culture Traveler. We use contractual and other means to protect your information while our consultants are processing it. We are always interested in how our travellers first heard about Culture Traveler, and we may ask you for information about how you discovered us and what types of media you watch and read. We gather this information to enable us to understand which marketing and advertising tools are most effective for our business.

Does Culture Traveler collect any other information about visitors to the website?

We constantly seek to improve our website and the online services we offer. As part of these efforts, we collect and analyze certain information about visitors to our website. This data includes (but is not limited to) domain and/or web browser information. We may track which website you visited before arriving at our site and the website you link to when you leave www.culturetraveler.com. We may also keep a record of which pages you visit on our site and how long you spend on each page.

We also use “cookies” on our site. Cookies are small pieces of information that our server places on a visitor’s hard drive to enable that person to use our site more easily. For example, we place a cookie on your computer when you visit our site. The next time you visit our site using the same computer, our server will recognize the cookie and your personal preferences. We may also use cookies to collect information about a traveller who visits our site without signing in. Many web browsers are automatically set to accept cookies. You may change your browser settings to reject cookies or to notify you when a cookie is about to be placed on your computer. Please note, however, that if you reject cookies, certain parts of our website may not operate as efficiently as they would if cookies were enabled.

Our Promise to You

At Culture Traveler, we understand the importance of privacy. We treat our clients as part of our family and carefully protect all the information they have entrusted to us. The information we request from you will enable us to provide you with the highest levels of personal service on every Culture Traveler trip. We will not disclose any personal information to any external company or person, except as described above, without a traveler’s informed consent unless we are required by law to do so.

We maintain the security and confidentiality of the information disclosed by our clients according to the strictest standards. We are continually looking for additional ways to ensure that the personal information we hold is secure and used in a responsible and respectful manner. As such, we ensure that the personal information entrusted to us is secure and will not be used for purposes other than what we require to deliver the service our clients deserve and expect.

Your Right to Review Your Information

All Culture Traveler clients are entitled to examine the information we keep regarding them, subject to any restrictions required by law, and may request rectification of inaccurate or incomplete information.


If you feel that Culture Traveler has not complied with this Privacy Policy or if you are otherwise concerned with Culture Traveler’s personal information practices, then you may file a complaint by sending an email to Culture Traveler using this form. Complaints or requests for information shall be the object of an investigation or response within 30 business days. If the complaint is justified, Culture Traveler will take the appropriate measures to address the complaint, including access to the requested information, by proceeding with rectification or, as the case may be, by amending its Policy and practices.

Our privacy policy was last updated on November 18, 2014.

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