Visit Zürich with Culture Traveler and discover Switzerland. An ideal destination for all seasons, Summer and Fall are particularly wonderful times to visit this engaging international hub. The attractions are diverse and plentiful: inspiring mountain hikes, scenic cruises on Lake Zürich, outstanding museums, an incredible Symphony and Opera company, a delectable dining scene, and beautiful stores that will impress even the most discerning shoppers.

Moreover, the luxury traveler is indulged by a selection of some of the finest hotels in world; properties that exude refined elegance and outstanding levels of service. The excellent accommodations range from sophisticated and traditional to striking and modern. We find the perfect match for our travelers and provide exclusive amenities to further augment the experience.

Zürich is often referred to as the "garden city on the lake". A pleasant afternoon stroll will soon uncover the reason for this description. Zürich is one of the richest cantons in the country and home to the famous and very beautiful shopping street, Bahnhofstrasse. It is a bustling metropolis with many new buildings and modern architecture. Age-old landmarks and examples of unique design and artistic styles proliferate the city; the oldest and best preserved are most densely distributed in Neumarkt. The famous Grossmunster with its two tall towers is most dominant. Visit the late 15th century Wasserkirche and the Rathaus, a graceful town hall built in renaissance style.

Explore diverse ports ranging from quaint towns to bustling commercial centers. A host of exciting shore excursions afford unique opportunities to view wildlife, visit cultural sites, explore remote beaches and come face-to-face with glaciers.

Culture Traveler is your partner to design a custom-tailored Zürich experience. From touchdown to departure a seamless itinerary will guide you through cultural discoveries, gourmet dining, and fascinating day trips that entertain your special interests.

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Destination INSIGHTS

  • In the 16th century, Ulrich Zwingli became priest of the Grossmünster Church. He started the Reformation, which spread from Zürich to all of German-speaking Switzerland
  • The Tonhalle Orchestra and the Zürich Opera are considered amongst the finest cultural institutions in Europe. Both companies are housed in grand establishments of architectural interest and acoustic beauty
  • Dine with locals at Kronenhalle alongside a world-class art collection including works by Picasso and Chagall. You may wish to enjoy the local specialty, Geschnetzeltes kalbfleisch nach Zurcherart (veal schnitzel prepared in the Zürich style)
  • Venture out to Uetliberg, Zürich’s very own mountain. Hike or simply revel in the panoramic view from 2,850 feet, taking in the city, the lake and the majestic Alps
  • Pamper yourself with a day of relaxation at one of the the city’s luxury spas or enjoy a day trip to the spa town of Baden
  • Visit the Money Museum for its interesting perspective on the driving force behind one of Europe’s most prosperous nations

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